Welcome to the HHS System Learning Portal!

The HHS System online learning portal provides a broad array of courses designed to help maximize your knowledge regarding HHS services and programs. The learning portal offers a convenient way to take training online. This allows easy access to relevant topics and authorized trainings by HHS agencies. The HHS System Learning Portal offers:

  • Easy-to-follow curriculum in an online format, and
  • Printable course completion certificates, which may include CEU credit, if applicable.

    Cursos disponibles

    HHS Information Security/Cybersecurity Training for Contractors FY2022

    This HHS Security/Cybersecurity Training is for contractors only....

    HHS Privacy Training for Contractors FY 2022

    As a concept, privacy means different things to different people.  ...

    Records Management at HHS for Contractors

    Records Management at HHS provides an introduction to records manag...

    Privacy Training Including HIPAA for Contractors FY 2022

    This course is no longer available for enrolment, but you can acces...

    Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA) Enrollment Exam

    The FMSA Enrollment Training exam is a competency test for entities...

    DBMD Process and Policy Training

    This training provides guidance to Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabil...

    DBMD Provider Training

    HHSC is pleased to announce a portion of the in-person Deaf Blind w...

    CLASS Provider Training

    HHSC is pleased to announce the in-person Community Living Assistan...