This page is one stop location for all current and future training intended to give participants an understanding of TVFC compliance requirements. Providers operating in compliance are able to safely and effectively vaccinate more patients while experiencing less vaccine loss than providers who are not operating in compliance. 

Upon successful completion of the 2024 Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC)/Adult Safety Net (ASN) Provider Policy Training, you will be able to: 

  • Identify appropriate TVFC/ASN vaccine management practices, including the ordering, storage, and handling of vaccines. 

  • Identify appropriate TVFC/ASN program and policy requirements (including provider eligibility & enrollment, patient eligibility & screening, program evaluation, fraud & abuse, and records management). 

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact 

To take this course, please click on the course title and then select the "enroll me" button below the course description. 

The prior years’ TVFC/ASN Provider Policy Trainings are no longer available for enrollment, but you can still access your training certificates from past years from your Dashboard.  

Disclaimer: Certificates are available for at least 1 year after completing the training. It is the responsibility of providers to keep their records.